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ASSR Test.
Islamabad Hearing Center performing ASSR test as need professionally technical support for the patients…..Following details 👉


ASSR is a new test used to confirm a hearing loss in children who fail an OAE test. ASSR test is the solution for frequency-specific hearing assessment for people of all ages. Also called the steady-state auditory evoked potential (SSEP), ASSR test meets all the criteria for follow-up diagnostic testing

These tests do not require that the child is asleep, but the child has to be calm. The skin is cleaned on the forehead and on the earlobes. Headphones placed over the ears and sound is transmitted to the patients. The test is completely painless, but if the child is uncooperative may require that medication be given to cause the child to relax. The test is completely safe.

The audiogram test will always reflect the degree of hearing impairment if here hearing loss problem found. But in case of Normal hearing audiogram will reflects normal frequencies.

The GSI Audera provides AEP, OAE and ASSR testing in a modular system for the busy audiology and ENT practice. Audera excels in generating high quality data, providing simple system operation, and utilizing convenient database management. Test results are easily interpreted through comparison to normative data sets.

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