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Phonak is able to bring you the best possible solutions for your hearing needs.



Phonak Naida Marvel SP

The most trusted power hearing aid featuring hands-free calls and Roger streaming without an external receiver. Features: Powerful, rich sound: Marvel hearing aids recognize and automatically adapt to precisely match more listening situations than ever before.


  • M30-SP : 8 Channels with Bluetooth connectivity
  • M50-SP​ : 12 Channels with Bluetooth connectivity
  • M70-SP​ : 16 Channels with Bluetooth connectivity
  • M90-SP​ : 20 Channels with Bluetooth connectivity


Phonak Naida UP

Phonak Naida B is the 5th generation of the world’s most trusted power hearing aid.

Belong Naida are Phonak’s most powerful hearing aids for treating severe and profound hearing losses.

Belong Naida was released with 3 models. Each model has four ranges of technology available: B30, B50, B70 and B90. The higher the number, the better the technology. You can see and compare the features on our product pages.


  • B30-SP : Number of Channels: 8
  • B50-SP​ : Number of Channels: 12
  • B70-SP​ : Number of Channels: 16
  • B90-SP​ : Number of Channels: 20
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Phonak Audeo R

Phonak Audeo Rechargeable

Phonak are one the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world. They are based in Switzerland and are part of the Sonova Group, which includes Unitron.

The Phonak Audeo Paradise range of hearing aids have superseded the Phonak Audeo Marvel.


  • P30-R : No. Of Channels : 12
  • P50-R​ : No. Of Channels : 16
  • P70-R​ : No. Of Channels : 20
  • P90-R​ : No. Of Channels : 20


Phonak Vitus BTE / RIC Hearing Aid

Everyday Automatic, Calm Situation, Speech in Noise, UltraZoom, SoundRecover, User Preference Tuning, Finetunning Channels, WhistleBlock, NoiseBlock, Quicksync, AutoAcclimatization


Phonak Baseo Q15 SP

We take pleasure in introducing ourselves as leading firm by offering Phonak Baseo Q15 SP BTE Hearing Aid.

Phonak Audeo Paradise

 The power BTE hearing aid with next level, powerful sound, connectivity to smartphones, TV and more, and empowering smart apps. 

  • Dedicated pre-calculation for severe to profound hearing loss
  • Roger Direct
  • Universal Direct Connectivity
  • Hands-free calls
  • Speech Enhancer
  • Dynamic Noise Cancellation
  • 2 simultaneously connected Bluetooth devices & up to eight Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Better speech intelligibility for quiet situations

Phonak Naida Link M

The super power BTE (Behind-the-Ear) that has the ability to be paired to Advanced Bionics Naída CI M90 sound processor. Naída Link M is a multifunctional hearing aid that has a unique ability to be paired with an Advanced Bionics sound processor if your hearing loss progresses. You can enjoy a state-of-the-art hearing aid in monaural or binaural configuration. Connects to smartphones, Roger and Bluetooth enabled devices.


Phonak Virto Marvel

Phonak Virto M-312 is the world’s first and only custom hearing aid with hands-free calls that allows Roger technology to stream directly without an external receiver.  Virto M-312 connects directly to either iOS or Android smartphones or other Bluetooth enabled devices. With Biometric Calibration Phonak Virto Marvel hearing aids are precisely calibrated to your clients’ individual ear anatomy. Now also available in stylish black finish. 

Phonak Naida Marvel

The hearing aid with powerful, rich sound featuring hands-free calls, Bluetooth streaming and maximum reliability. Be amazed at how reliably your hearing aids deliver the power needed to manage your hearing loss. 

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Phonak CROS B

You know the situation: you are in a noisy room and can’t hear your partner or colleagues because they are not positioned on the side of your good ear, or you are on the phone and unaware of your environment. If this sounds familiar, Phonak CROS B is the smart solution for you. Now you can also enjoy all the proven benefits of Phonak CROS B without battery hassles with the rechargeable CROS B-R.

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