Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA) is a hearing test performed on the ears by measuring the smallest amplitude of sound waves in the absolute-tone test. This test can be performed with a microphone or without. It is the most accurate way to determine when the correct amount of hearing aids will be suitable for an individual. IHC perform PTA test at affordable rates in Pakistan. PTA hearing test helps you find the most silent sound you could hear in different pitches or frequencies. With earphones in place, the sound goes to only one ear at a time


The auditory steady-state response (ASSR) can be thought of as an electrophysiologic response to rapid auditory stimuli. The goal of ASSR is to create an estimated audiogram from which questions regarding hearing, hearing loss, and aural rehabilitation can be answered. ASSR allows the hearing care professional to create statistically valid audiograms for those unable or unwilling to participate in traditional behavioral tests. ASSR relies on statistical measures to determine if and when a threshold is present. ASSR design and functionality vary across manufacturers. 

Unlike auditory brainstem response (ABR) which looks at amplitude and latency of the response in the time domain, ASSR looks at amplitudes and phases in the frequency domain. Responses are detected using a statistic-based mathematical detection algorithm to determine if a response is present or not. Another difference is that while it is only possible to test one frequency per ear at a time in frequency-specific threshold ABR. ASSR allows for binaural testing; four frequencies in each ear at the same time (eight simultaneous presentations).

The ASSR technology is completely objective and based on statistical probability rather than subjective assessment of response waveforms. The most important audiological application of ASSR is to provide an estimate of the pure tone audiogram, which is used for rehabilitation purposes.

Patient preparation is very important. The electrode sites must be prepared and cleaned in order to obtain acceptably low skin impedance. It is recommended to have impedance values below 3k or lower. The same electrode placement for ASSR is also used for ABR allowing for easy switching between the test types.

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