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How do digital hearing aids work?

The most basic function of a hearing aid is to amplify sound. Digital hearing aids, which have only been around since late 1990’s, offer such a natural and rich sound due to their ability to be configured to better match a wearer’s unique pattern of hearing loss.

Older hearing devices only amplified hearing in two channels – high-pitched sounds (treble) and low-pitched sounds (base). Modern hearing aids separate sound into numerous frequency bands (up to 48 bands) and then amplify each band by the amount required to restore normal hearing levels at that band.

Feedback Cancellation

The whistling sound (feedback) that many hearing aid users encountered with older hearing aids was both uncomfortable and embarrassing. This feedback was caused when a hearing aid’s microphone picked up amplified sound emitted from the hearing aid.

Sound travels in waves with distinct wave patterns. Digital hearing aids detect the wave shape of frequencies causing the feedback. They then apply a mirror of that wave to counteract it within fractions of a second. So, there will be no annoying and embarrassing whistling from your hearing aid.

Open-fit Acoustics

Improvements in feedback management have enabled hearing aid manufacturers to develop devices allow more natural sound through the ear canal.

Previously, wearers of hearing aids would complain of a “talking in a barrel” sensation, like you can experience when using your fingers to block your ears and listening to the sound of your own voice.

Open-fit hearing aids have very thin tubes that enter the ear canal and smaller cases that rest behind the ear, making them barely visible. Additionally, hearing aids that sit within the ear canal can now have greater ventilation.

The end result is hearing aids offering more comfort and clarity

Noise Reduction

Older hearing aids amplified all sounds equally – whether the source of the sound is a conversation or background noises (e.g. traffic, air-conditioners, crowds). This led to discomfort and made it harder for wearers to follow conversations in difficult environments.

Modern hearing aids can actually tell the difference between speech and background noise and do this individually for every frequency band. The hearing aid then amplifies the speech sounds and reduces the amplification of background noise.

Wearers can now enjoy the results of noise management – greater listening comfort and clarity.

Body Worn Hearing Aids

These consist of a small box containing the hearing aid electronics and microphone; this is clipped to our clothes or put in your pocket. The box is connected by a lead to a small earphone, which deliver sound directly into your ear.

BTE Hearing Aids

The “shell” or “case” is the outer covering of a hearing aid, and determines its style. Of the many parts of a hearing aid, style can make a big difference to your overall satisfaction. Beltone’s two main style categories are Behind-the-Ear (BTE) and Custom hearing aids.

(ITC) in the Canal

All of the components in an ITC hearing aid are encased within a lightweight plastic shell. Their medium size makes them a great choice for push button controls. ITC hearing aids offer a secure fit, easy insertion and removal, and longer battery life.

(CIC) Completely In the Canal

Another “tiny” offering, the CIC style hearing aid style is worn completely within the ear canal.

CIC Hearing aids– The answer to the customer that wants virtually invisible hearing aids. It sits deep in the ear canal and really is pretty much unnoticeable.

CIC is more than just a tiny hearing aid. It is the perfect combination of maximum hearing performance and minimum size. It is custom crafted to fit entirely in your ear canal, using computer-aided design and the latest generation of advanced materials. Wearing comfort is guaranteed while consistently delivering outstanding sound quality.

Due to the deep position in the ear canal, CIC hearing aid uses the natural shape of the ear to transmit sound to the microphone which means excellent directional hearing, as well as virtual invisibility.

  • The titanium shell is 50% thinner yet far stronger than standard cic acrylic shells
  • It has 60% smaller electronic components thank its predecessors
  • Promises a 64% increase in cic suitability

CIChearing aid runs on AutoSense OS, seamlessly adapting to the soundscape around you every 0.4 seconds, identifying if you are in a noisy restaurant, car, concert hall or at home. It draws upon multiple features blending them to precisely match your sound environment.

Without having to adjust your hearing aids manually you can enjoy excellent hearing performance and sound quality.

CIC Titanium is an exciting new product in the area of deep and semi deep sitting hearing aids, here are a selection of some questions you might have about the CIC.

CIC Hearing aids really invisible? The CIC sits deep in the ear canal, its faceplate is in permanent shadow because of its depth. It is usually deep enough into the ear canal to be to all intents and purposes invisible. However…if you have smaller ear canals and space is restricted the instrument might not quite be as discreet as usual.

CIC Hearing aids suitable for everyone? The CIC will only fit certain dimensions of ear canal, if your ear canal is too narrow, has too tight a bend, or other contra indications are present such as excessive waxy ear canals or perforated eardrums for instance, the CIC may not be the product for you. In these cases we can advise alternatives.

Can I wear the CIC Hearing aids all the time ie can I sleep with them in? The CIC hearing aids is designed to be a daily wear hearing aid, it should be removed at night when sleeping and inserted in the morning for the day.

Is CIC hearing aid suitable for swimming or wearing in the shower? The Virto B Titanium like most sensitive electronic devices should not be exposed to excessive moisture, water is to be avoided.

How does compare to other similar deep insertion hearing products? Very well! Because the shell is made of titanium it has a very strong and super thin shell. Along with newly developed tiny components it is the smallest product of its kind that Phonak have been able to produce.

Can I wear CIC Hearing aid when using the phone or earphones? Because the Virto B Titanium sits so deeply in the ear canal these situations pose no problems.

How can I purchase CIC hearing aid You will firstly need to be assessed by a hearing aid audiologist knowledgeable in this particular product and if suitable a deep impression of the ear canal will need to be taken by a qualified person.

We will send hearing aids after fitted programs for this hearing aids according to provided your audiogram and ear impressions.

CIC Hearing aids is suitable for mild to moderately severe hearing loss and is available in two price and performance levels (as a Virto B90 and a B70 Titanium model) to suit your personal preferences or budget.

Being a custom-crafted hearing aid, your Hearing Care Professional will take an ear canal impression to give your hearing aid a perfectly tailored fit. This ensures maximum comfort and sound quality.

(IIC) Invisible In the Canal

The IIC is small enough to be placed very deep inside the ear canal, making it virtually invisible. Its placement furthermore allows users to still benefit from the natural shape of the ear for better localisation of sounds. An IIC also has a big aesthetic advantage: No one can actually see that you are wearing a hearing aid.

Ear Moulds (Soft / Super Soft / Hard)

Sound blockage makes it difficult to hear others than yourself. Vents placed in the ear mould will often solve this problem. It is not unusual for these vents to be adjusted several times in order to get the desired effect.

Hearing Aid Services & Repair

We repair and service all brands, types and models of hearing aids and devices. Whether you purchased your hearing aids from us or not, and regardless of your device’s age or working condition, we will often be able to fix your device right in our office.

Lab Facilities

At Hearing Aid Lab, we understand your busy lifestyle and want to help you get the most out of it. We want to make sure that you never miss a memorable saying from your family, an important conversation with a colleague, or the punchline of a friend’s joke. We’re here to make sure that you’re ready for all of life’s best — and often unexpected — moments.

Hearing Aids Manufacturing

We have all famous Manufacturers products like Oticon, Phonak, Starkey Hearing Technologies, Sonic, Beltone, etc.

Super Soft Mould & Batteries

We have all famous Manufacturers products parts like Oticon, Phonak, Starkey Hearing Technologies, Sonic, Beltone, etc.

Hearing Aids

Phonak Hearing Aid

Phonak Hearing Aid


Siemns Signia Hearing Aid

Siemns Hearing Aid


Digital Soundlink Hearing Aid

Digital Soundlink Hearing Aid


Widex Hearing Aid

Widex Hearing Aid


Starkey Hearing Aid

Starkey Hearing Aid


ReSound Hearing Aid

ReSound Hearing Aid


ReXton Hearing Aid

ReXton Hearing Aid


Audio Service Hearing Aid

Audio Service Hearing Aid


Oticon Hearing Aid

Oticon Hearing Aid


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