Islamabad Hearing Center.Pvt ltd

We all know one of the most important senses is the ability to hear. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with it, or if someone is blessed he/she may suffer hearing loss in the future. To cope with it, medical technology is getting advance progressively.
We are proud to welcome you to Pakistan’s leading hearing aid center Islamabad Hearing Center-Pvt. Ltd. Islamabad Hearing Centre Pvt. Ltd is the only hearing aid company in Pakistan which deals with advanced hearing aid medical equipment and provides the best clinical facility to our respected patients.

Our hearing aid clinic is based in Islamabad, providing all hearing-related services.

Why choose us?

We have the Best professional hearing problem solutions!

It’s not a good idea to order a hearing aid without the consultation of an audiologist. It’s because audiologists are well aware of the technicalities of hearing aids and can give you the best hearing solution. Our qualified staff will recommend you the best solution by assessing the frequency of hearing loss.

So for the best solution, visit our leading Hearing aid clinic Islamabad Hearing Center, as soon as possible!

Better listening experience with modern Personal sound amplifiers!

With the improvement of technology advanced hearing aids are replacing older ones in the form of personal sound amplifiers (PSAP’s). With better sound quality and ear fitting. New advanced features are whistle block, Bluetooth, and Telecare.

Delivering exceptional hearing is our priority!

World top hearing aids!

The right choice of hearing aid is as crucial to the ears as the nose to smell. So, there is a need to cherry-pick the best hearing aid.
Are you worried about how to choose hearing aids? Then we have solved your problem!
We deal in the world best hearing aid providing brands like:
2-Siemens Signia
6-Audio service
And a bunch of other top brands.

So, feel free to get in touch with us!

Our hearing aid services!

1- Hearing testing:
Are you confused to what extent you are suffering a hearing loss? Then let our best audiologists do this job. They will evaluate to what extent you have hearing loss in no time.

2-Hearing aid fitting:
Choosing the right hearing aid is a crucial task, but here at Islamabad Hearing Centre(IHC), you can try out different types of hearing aids. Our world-class audiologists will help you in choosing the best device which suits your ears too.

3-Newborn screening:
Are you worried that your baby is having a hard time listening to or responding to voices and you aren’t sure? Then we are here to identify if he/she is deaf or just having a hearing problem through advanced newborn screening and diagnosis?

4-Hearing aid repair:
Yes! You read it right. We are experts in fixing and optimizing hearing aids to ensure your hearing aid always works properly.

5-Tinnitus therapy:
Is the ringing sound in your ears is bothering you? Don’t worry! We have got a solution to your problem. Our professional audiologists will carry out therapies that will suit your ear and help to ease the ringing sound.

6-Hearing protection!
Are you afraid that you might lose your hearing in the future due to a noisy workplace or other possible reasons? Then we have a solution for you! We will provide the best hearing protection that will protect your ears from hearing loss.

7-Auditory processing evaluation!
We are now able to diagnose Auditory Processing Disorders (APD) through Auditory Processing Evaluation by highlighting the problems in the auditory nervous system.

8-Wax management:
Ear wax often causes temporary hearing problems, which can be easily treated by removing ear wax. Our licensed audiologists do it all! For more menacing cases, we refer our patients to our partner ENT.

9-Rehabilitation and Auditory therapy!
At Islamabad Hearing Centre (IHC), We have a team of auditory rehabilitation and therapy specialists who will help you to recognize speech with the aid of Auditory signals, stop struggling with speech recognition problems. Visit us and we will provide you with the world’s best Auditory therapy and rehabilitation service.

Specialties of Our Company!

Team of Qualified professionals!
We have hired the world’s best, competent, and highly trained audiologists, engineers, and programmers here at Islamabad Hearing Centre (IHC). Our professionals are always ready to serve you. We assure you, once you will come here, you will be satisfied and that’s for sure!
We ensure quality services, no matter if you want to buy a hearing aid or wish to avail of our therapy services.

Pakistan’s biggest hearing center!
We are Pakistan’s best hearing aid center. Where you can handily get any hearing-related service without any difficulty. Moreover, you will be amazed to know that IHC is the only hearing aid company in Pakistan, which deals in all hearing-related services, whether it be checkups, hearing tests, or the top hearing aids with modifying, repairing, and programming backup.

 Our head office is in Islamabad, along with sub-branches in Rawalpindi, Faislabad, and Peshawar.

We deal in original products
Here at IHC, we only deal in original hearing aids of the world’s top brands. We provide an accidental warranty back up of 2-5 years. Moreover, if something goes wrong, we provide free hearing aid parts. Amazing!

International standard hearing aid laboratory
Yes! We have an international standard, equipped hearing aid laboratory where our professionals reprogram, resize and modify the world’s best hearing aids to provide you a perfect and fit hearing aid. So, no need to worry regarding resizing, modification, and reprogramming; We do it all!

Efficient customer service
We have the best and fast customer service. So, if you want an appointment, want to buy an auditory aid, or want to report if something goes wrong with your device, then our customer service is one text away from you.

Fastest delivery service
We have an efficient and fast delivery service all over Pakistan. So now distance is no longer a problem. You can get your hearing aid at home without any trouble.

Restore the joy of hearing!
Hearing is a blessing. Without it, you can’t enjoy life. People with hearing disabilities often run short of confidence. Our goal is to serve the hearing-impaired, spread awareness regarding hearing disability in the whole of Pakistan, and make every hearing-impaired free of this disability.

To serve Pakistan is our foremost goal!